"Dom and Tamantha" is a comedic webseries created by 350 Comedy (Eliza Kingsbury and Travis Greisler), written by Eliza Kingsbury, directed by James Matthew Daniel, and produced by Eliza Kingsbury in association with The Experimental Comedy. It follows the lives of an uber-rich and uber-douchey NYC couple, Dom and Tamantha. Starring Eliza Kingsbury and Travis Greisler and featuring the talent of performers from Upright Citizens Brigade.

350 Comedy raised money via indiegogo to fund this project with a little budget and a lot of love. It was funded 100% by friends and family, and for that we are forever grateful. We filmed over two consecutive 12 hour days. We could not have done it without our fantastic crew: James Matthew Daniel, Margaret Parsons, Randy Valdres, Stanton Nash, and Emilia Adamkiewicz.

The idea of "Dom and Tam" was conceived by Eliza and Travis while doing impressions of the people they run into while working the service industry. Travis happened to always play the chick and Eliza was always the dude. With that in mind, Eliza wrote this series to poke fun at gender stereotypes. What makes a man or a woman? Is it funny to see someone in drag? Would this series be the same if the characters were the same gender as the actors?

Travis and Eliza are proud of this series and are mostly happy to not have to bind, stuff, tuck, or look for questionable areas to hide a mic pack.

Photo Credits: Randy Valdres